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INCLUSION drives Organisational Performance, Wellbeing, Engagement and Growth.

Its more than just a NICE to have!

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Are you looking to attract and retain the best talent for your organisation?

Ofcourse you are!

Leaders of organisations, if you are truly serious about attracting and retaining the best diverse talent and thinking to help you achieve your ambitious goals and purpose, you need to start with helping your leaders to develop an inclusive leader mindset and equip them with the tools and strategies to lead their hybrid teams in an inclusive way.


Inclusive work places are safe, where all employee touch points consistently NEED to reinforce and signal belonging, connection and emotional stability. 


Developing your leadership capability is not enough, it’s just the start. What is critical is cultivating a culture of belonging, as this unites and builds deeper meaningful connections between your staff to your leaders and the organisation.  In this way, your employees will be far more engaged, committed and aligned to work alongside you, as they will feel like a valued ‘family member’, they are proud to be a part off.


This is exactly the reason why Australia’s leading Technology provider, MessageMedia invested in Wellbeing Face’s Inclusive Leader Mindset programme. Recently, 90 of their leaders globally, across 20 countries went through this programme to learn how to develop an inclusive leader mindset and to become equipped with practical tools to lead through the lens of inclusion. 

Read below what leaders from MessageMedia say about the Signature Inclusive Leader Mindset & Behaviours Programme:





 “To understand inclusion, we must understand what exclusion feels like”.  Simi said those words in the introduction to the Inclusive Mindset Program and they have stuck with me since.  The small behaviours – the ‘micro-discourtesies’ – can have a big impact psychologically, emotionally, biologically, and behaviourally. I am grateful for the Program in not only raising awareness to help recognise those behaviours, but also for equipping me with the tools to lead with an inclusive mindset.” Kylie Castrissios, Head of Legal – Sinch SMB & Oceania


‘Great programme to start the conversations with lots of ‘aha’ moments where people genuinely reflected on how we work together and what we do to keep improving and how we can keep building an amazing inclusive culture at MessageMedia. Simi was the perfect facilitator to help us on our journey and I’m looking forward to the follow up programmes we deliver". Simone Davidge, Senior Product Manager, MessageMedia

‘I received lots of feedback directly from participants post this programme, which echoed that when people walk out with tools, with reflections and say how they now have clear actions on what they can do to improve inclusion or what the business can do, this is a hugely successful programme. These are the conversations that are worth having and this programme has been a solid start to help our 90 leaders across 20 countries come together and develop an inclusive workforce’. Kristie Healy, Vice President, People and Culture, MessageMedia


‘Really insightful and helpful programme. I feel I have a toolset to aid with being more inclusive and creating a behaviour model for others’. Doug Rubingh, President US MessageMedia and Project Sponsor


Our work is grounded in 20+ years of psychological science and commercial nous. We are experts in transforming mindsets, shifting behaviours and creating a sustainable inclusive culture where everyone has the chance to feel seen, heard, understood and valued. 

We partner with organisations to deliver impactful and transformative outcomes through:


Signature Inclusive Leader Mindset & Behaviours Programme

All Staff Inclusive Mindset & Behaviours Programme



Powerful Keynote Presentations

Download your free copy of ‘Building Inclusive Leaders Toolkit’ 

​All programmes are tailored to the context of your organisation, so everyone is able to connect with, relate to and develop new insights from the rich learnings, practice and discussions, which enables learning to be quickly transferred and embedded into the workplace. 

To find out more, book in a call or email directly at

What client’s say about Simi:

Simi is an engaging facilitator. She captures the attention of her audience. She shares continuous nuggets of insights. 

Simi inspires and empowers through story-telling and her vibrant energy.

Simi simplifies complex messages into practical and relatable ways. She artfully role models inclusion in her facilitation style.

Simi’s strategies and tools are impactful and have a proven track record of helping hundreds of leaders.

Hear from our Founder

Simi Rayat

Simi Rayat, our founder, shares her personal and professional 'why' of working with leaders globally to foster and cultivate inclusive cultures. 

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