Our Mission


Our Values

Our values are at the heart of how we work with every client:

  • Confidentiality- we are bound by the British Psychological Society's confidentiality and ethical agreement

  • Collaboration- you know your circumstances the best, we know how to support individuals achieve leadership brilliance– it’s the perfect partnership!

  • Positive rippleswe will empower you to nurture and develop your own leadership skills and capability to enable you to help develop those around you too

  • Art of Possibility- you will learn to apply tools, techniques that will equip you to reach your fullest potential

  • Push Boundaries- we will support you to lean into your discomfort to enable change by challenging and channelizing your thoughts, emotions and behaviours to get incredible results.

"Amazing things happen when we step out of our comfort zone - why not start now? "

We provide a confidential, safe and professional sounding space for you to explore, challenge

and make shifts in your thinking and behaviour to enhance your leadership brilliance.

Wellbeing Face’s mission is to lead a movement whereby Xennial 

and Millennial entrepreneurs and leaders are supported and

equipped on their leadership journey to solve leadership challenges and achieve leadership brilliance!

Why is this mission so close to our hearts?

Our future generations depend on what our Xennial and Millennial entrepreneurs and leaders do today - we are committed to set YOU up for leadership success!

Wellbeing Face is a team of highly experienced business psychologists. Our approach is

underpinned by rigour, well tested psychological insights, business management and neuroscience

research, combined with practical and commercial nous. We 'get' people and we 'get' business! 

The benefits of this holistic and eclectic approach are multitude, allowing us to help you dig deep,

getting beneath the surface of your thoughts and behaviours to achieve lasting change and

leadership brilliance.

Our toolkit of approaches include solution focused coaching, motivational interviewing, cognitive

behavioural coaching, clean language, appreciative enquiry, emotional intelligence and GROW

coaching. We use a selection of validated and reliable psychometric tools to add to the depth and

rigour of work we do with our clients. 

Our Founder


Simi is a highly sought after global Executive Coach and is a highly valued contributor for Forbes Coaches Council.


She is the founder of Wellbeing Face Ltd and works as an 'Executive Leadership Coach'. She helps Xennial and Millennial entrepreneurs and leaders across the globe on their leadership journey to embrace and solve leadership challenges and attain leadership brilliance. She works with clients globally, in both private and public sectors, across a diverse range of industries. Her coaching style and approach is underpinned by her deep expertise and passion in the psychology of people and her pragmatic application of leadership development. Using this integrated and eclectic approach, Simi is able to create significant 'aha' moments for her clients and bring about compelling shifts in their thinking, behaviours and outcomes which lead to incredible and sustainable results.  


With nearly 20 years of business psychology consulting experience, working in the UK, Australia and Canada, Simi is an insightful Chartered Business Psychologist expert in shaping behaviour at the individual, group and organisational level. She specialises in the areas of: personal impact, self-awareness and leadership capability. She is also the former founder and owner of Minds for the Future Pty Ltd, a thriving Melbourne based psychology practice, consisting of a team of fabulous psychologists.  She profitably sold the practice in 2015 and it continues to prosper and serve clients in Australia. Simi currently lives in the UK with her husband and is the mother of two wonderful boys.

Simi’s style of engaging with clients is bespoke to each client; it's consultative and creative. She works hard with each client to empower and shape her client's core thinking, to ensure behaviour change is achieved and sustained.


Simi Rayat CPsychol

Clients describe Simi’s coaching style as ‘energising’, ‘thought-provoking’ and ‘pragmatic’. She will

challenge your thinking and empower you to take control and act. Many of her clients view her as

their trusted advisor and valuable sounding board. 

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  • Facilitated over 2000 one to one coaching sessions for executive, senior and emerging high performing leaders to address leadership challenges, leading through change, enhancing personal impact, developing emotional resilience, building self-awareness and strategic thinking 

  • Designed and delivered leadership development programmes for Xennial and Millennial leaders

  • Designed and facilitated 'entrepreneur start up' courses

  • Designed and delivered ‘Coaching Skills’ workshops for HR managers and Senior Managers

  • Facilitated over 1150 individual and family counselling sessions to improve psychological wellbeing and achieve thriving relationships

  • Specialist in executive assessment for selection and development purposes.

  • Successful multiple business founder

  • Chartered Business Psychologist

  • MSC Organisational Psychology,

       University of Nottingham

  • BA (Hons) Psychology and Management,

       University of Leeds

  • Level A and B Psychometric Testing: OPQ,

      16PF, Firo B, Neo, WAVE, Myers Briggs,

      Type Dynamic Indicator 

  • Certified in Hogan Suite (MVPI, HPI and HDS)

  • Certified in Motivational Interviewing,

      Solution Focused Interviewing, Cognitive

      Behaviour Coaching, GROW coaching model

  • ILM Level 7 Executive Coaching & Mentoring,

      Academy of Leadership & Management 


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