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About Us

Meet Our Global Team Of People Nerds


Simi Rayat

Founder, Registered Psychologist & Executive Coach


Jane Viljoen

Registered Psychologist & Executive Coach

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Rhonda Y Williams

Leadership Coach

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Lisa McLeod

Psychologist & Executive Coach


Jeff Matthews

Executive Coach & Supervisor


Maureen Obatomi

Executive & Leadership Coach

Our Approach

We apply Psychological Science with Commercial Nous to equip leaders to drive Organisational Performance and elevate leadership impact.

Wellbeing Face is an elite team of business psychologists and executive coaches with a wealth of experience applying academic insights to the commercial world. We use a combination of psychological insights, business management and neuro-scientific research to partner with clients who are looking to expand their leadership capabilities.

What makes us different is our holistic approach to our clients’ career and development; we understand how people think and we understand how business works. We support our clients to connect the dots of their thoughts, their actions and their leadership style in order to get the best from themselves and their teams. 

Self-awareness is key to successful leadership, so our work is firstly grounded in developing your insight into understanding what is holding you back. Secondly, we help you by converting any limitations into platforms from which you can spring forward (fully equipped) to achieve lasting change and leadership excellence. 


We use a range of validated psychometric tools and reliable methodologies in our work with clients and we take a flexible, evidence driven and meticulous approach that deploys a broad toolkit of approaches:


Solution-Focused Enquiry 

Motivational Interviewing

Cognitive Behavioral Coaching

Emotional Intelligence

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Our Values

Our business values are at the heart of HOW we work with all clients

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We are bound by the British and Australian Psychological Society’s confidentiality & ethical agreement. You can trust us implicitly.

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We are your partner on your journey to reach your highest potential. We will be the mirror and the coach you need to push yourself forward. 

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We will support you to connect the dots between the logical, emotional and behavioural aspects of your leadership, enabling you to bring out the best in yourself and others.

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We will fully support you to lean into growth & transform from within, experienced by yourself & those you lead.

Our Values

Meet Our Founder 

Simi Rayat CPsychol

I am a ICF Professional Certified Executive Leadership Coach, Chartered Business Psychologist, corporate speaker, facilitator and storyteller. I was very fortunate to discover my passion and drive for personal and leadership development early in my career. I knew after my degree in Organisational Psychology in Nottingham, UK that I wanted to work with a broad range of professionals to empower and enable them to be the best possible leaders, to benefit themselves and everyone around them too. My work has taken me on an exciting and varied journey through the public and private sectors, from entrepreneurial start-ups and government departments to consulting for firms all over the world.​

I’ve worked on a freelance and employed basis as a senior manager, consultant, psychologist and coach. I have led large, high-performing teams and have felt the pressures first-hand of the highs and lows of delivering success through others. In 2011, I started my own private Psychology practice Minds for the Future in Melbourne which I built into a thriving business, building a team of eight psychologists across three sites in the city before profitably selling to new owners and returning to London, UK in 2016. Wellbeing Face was ‘born’ on a dark night in London, while I was in the haze of night feeds following the birth of my second son in 2018. I was at a crossroads professionally - like so many of my clients - and this quiet time of reflection re-ignited my passion and drive to help leaders all over the world to be able to bring their best and most authentic selves to their work.

I have worked very intentionally and deliberately for twenty years to be where I am now; working in partnership with clients globally with a common aim of growing themselves and creating inclusive cultures so those around them can also flourish and love what they do that little bit more. I love my vocation; it never feels like ‘work’ to me and I’m inspired to facilitate this for others, so they can take greater ownership in their work and life to lead at their optimal best.

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Our Mission

We help organisations attract and retain the best talent through fostering an inclusive and psychologically safe environment. 

We are on a 10 year mission to work with 1000 organisations, to equip their leaders with the tools and strategies to develop an inclusive leader mindset and to reflect this mindset in their daily leadership actions. 

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Featured in Forbes and Hays Worldwide

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