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We are truly grateful to work with wonderful human beings that are passionate to elevate their impact to help others.

Read what they say about the value of our work.

I was lucky enough to work with Simi while I was faced with some very difficult career choices. I found her help invaluable in helping me step back and really understand what was important. I would highly recommend her to anyone struggling to get clarity on the next steps in their career.

Kathleen Moore
Head of Global Transformation, HSBC

I was a client of Simi’s on a Women in Leadership course I attended. She was the main facilitator and coach for my group. I would thoroughly recommend Simi as a leadership coach - she had an amazing impact on myself and the rest of my group. Although the course was delivered digitally, Simi’s skills meant that the impact was the same as if it had been delivered in person. I wouldn’t hesitate to use Simi again for coaching and leadership in the future.

Sarah Badesha
Head of Engineering, Chivas Brothers 

Simi is my leadership and business coach for the last few months now. She is very versed in bringing empathy & understanding, and helping me navigate through some different challenges and scenarios. She has an excellent memory and would remember every conversation we had and would always start the session with a smile and a good check on the past week or weeks. Our conversation always helps me bring out my creativity and resolve concerns that I may throw at her. I was able to focus more on what truly is important with Simi's sessions and see things differently based on conversations we'd had. Our meetings started weekly and moved on to bi-weekly and I believe the video sessions helped as well. My time with Simi is coming to an end by June 2021 and I will absolutely recommend Simi for leadership and business coaching.

Tim Ajayim
New Technology Introduction & Product Integrity Executive Leader, Parker Hannifin

Simi is a consummate professional who manages to engage you and make you at ease using her humour and great sense of understanding the situation you are facing. She is empathetic encouraging and challenging in helping you find the answers and strategies during the coaching sessions. Her companionship to your self-discovery is an eye opener that helped me work through my values, strengths and weakness thereby working through them to achieve the objectives set out at the start of the sessions. The value exercise helped me identify my values in life both professionally and personally and encouraged me to reflect on ways in which I may be able to achieve greater satisfaction of my values in both my working life and personal life. I would recommend her to any leader intending to improve their leadership skills in both life and career.

Dennis Bisase
Key Account Manager, Syngenta

“Wellbeing Face coaching has helped me to boost my confidence and tackle my demons of negative thoughts. I’ve been able to secure the promotion I wanted and have been able to apply the strategies I have learnt. I would definitely recommend coaching with Simi”

Finance Director

“Simi has a wealth of ideas to draw upon. She creates a safe space to explore and empower, enabling the co-creation of solutions to emerge, inspired by her ideas”

CEO and  Director
of Practitioners

 "Simi was my leadership coach whilst I transitioned into my new role. She brought a super balance of assertive challenge, empathy & understanding, and creativity when it came to working out what I could do. She has an excellent memory (or super notes system) as she was able to hold up a mirror to help me see things differently based on conversations we'd had. We spoke weekly for an hour by phone which worked extremely well. I absolutely recommend Simi for transition coaching".

Rowena Bach
Talent Strategy Director

It has been a pleasure to have Simi as my coach. She has given me useful tools to identify myself the areas on which I need to focus in order to move ahead with my career development and meet my long-term objectives. She creates an environment of trust, she is a great listener and discussion flows in a way to allow you to reflect, answer your own questions and form your own solutions.

Her background allowed to easily balance between needs of “hard” business topics and well-being focus at work for myself and my team.

I was coming out from each discussion, more self-aware, a trait that I find indispensable to manage today’s reality and overcome hurdles to meet my long-term objectives”.

Vasiliki Zagorisiou
Coca-Cola, Finance Capabilities Director for Europe

I found coaching an eye opener, by taking time out to focus on me, I actually appreciated my strengths in particular and was more candid about those things I needed to develop. I also understood myself better and why I react to situations in the way I do, which in turn has made me more mindful and considered in situations. I have become more confident - my impact especially in leading upwards has increased, dealing with conflict situations though never easy I am handling so much better.  I never realised how much self-reflection can benefit you and I now do this routinely and I do think it has improved my performance. I found Simi’s style very encouraging, gently pushing me to confront challenges and providing alternatives but also not allowing me to sell myself short - it was like have my own cheerleader at times. I would highly recommend Simi - she understands the challenges women of colour face and how to help us to have the impact we know we can have.

Susan Mahon
Head of Portfolio Management, Cabinet Office

I wanted to feed back that we thought Simi was brill! She has a lovely style and delivered it in a really engaging way. She also dealt with some of our more challenging delegates really well.

Claire Kirk
NHS Digital

I have been working with Simi for the last couple of months during a very tough period of mine struggling between finding a successful work life balance and deciding what type of professional I wanted to be. Simi was very active in her listening, never made me feel uncomfortable and was very quick to address some key issues. Her sessions provoked thought and gave me the tools and strategies I needed to gain better control over my career. I strongly recommend Simi for anyone with similar challenges.

Luke Faccin
Manager, PWC

Simi has provided coaching services to me through my work in my financial services role in the UK. I came to Simi with some specific challenges I was hoping to resolve, namely how to make certain work interactions more fruitful and enjoyable for all and how to manage certain difficult interactions in a balanced and constructive way to ensure optimum results for all. Simi helped me through finding answers in myself to unlock hidden potential, using a combination of techniques: models to break negative cycles, techniques to ensure calm and considered approaches to challenging scenarios, and tools to entrench positive and reliable techniques to manage through a wide range of challenging scenarios.


As a result of the work with Simi my career is progressing at pace, with a noticeable uplift in my ability to navigate scenarios which previously I would have found difficult. The result in both productivity and output, and enjoyment of my role, is material. I have found Simi a great person to work with, with a great combination of commercial and emotional intelligence and someone I actively look forward to interacting with. I would wholeheartedly recommend her to others seeking to realise their potential in their careers.

Chris Jewel-Clarke
Finance Director, Future Cities, Legal & General Capital

Simi has been my coach for the last 3 months. She has been extremely helpful with my challenges. She is a great active listener and very emphatic. She gives exercises that help solve the problems rather than giving direct advice. Asks the right questions and dives into topics deeply. She understands human psychology very well. Thank you Simi:)

Elif Kaypak
Global Marketing & Brand Strategy, Coca-Cola

Simi has been an inspiration to me and I have learnt a lot from her as my coach. The discussions between us has stretched and pushed me out of my comfort zone. I will forever appreciate the balcony view concept which I can confidently admit has become my way of life. Through her thoughtful approach to leadership I have learnt how to balance priorities and still have room to explore opportunities as a leader. May you continue to bloom and hope more will learn a lot from you.

Flora Wangari
Head of Finance, Syngenta 

Simi helped me to develop ways to effectively reflect on some of my leadership behaviours and change the way I perceive situations. This has helped me to better engage with my team and peers and has improved my productivity. I find Simi very knowledgeable and clearly she is highly experienced in coaching methods, which has made the sessions extremely productive and I feel completely at ease to share with her. She provided clear and helpful insight and was able to make me focus on my work priorities and realise my potential by setting out clear and manageable steps to enable me to reflect when needed. I have particularly appreciated Simi’s tailored approach to my particular needs, values and personal situation, providing the support, advice and clarity to move forward in a positive direction.

Wayne Chandai
Head of the Chief Executive’s Office, London Borough of Lambeth

“Simi is exceptional in her ability to get to the core of issues, supporting and guiding me with engaging techniques, and not at all judging me. I really looking forward to my sessions with her” 

HR Business Partner

“Simi is super easy to talk and open up to, she has a knack for making you instantly feel relaxed, no matter how big or small your goal or challenge is. She uses a range of techniques to address issues and takes a holistic approach. I have noticed considerable results working with Simi”


"I really enjoyed my coaching sessions and thank Simi for the work we did together. I got a lot from the strategies and frameworks she introduced me to and I am already using them in my day-to-day work life (and personal life!) The other element I appreciated was Simi's approach to drawing out information and provided healthy challenge to what I was saying. I mentioned prior to the coaching sessions that I didn’t need a cheerleader, I needed someone to challenge my mindset and I definitely felt I got that from her. Also, Simi was able to balance that with being kind and understanding to anything disclosed which was really important.


I will definitely be recommending Wellbeing Face to colleagues in the sector".

Director of Services

"The combined expertise of Simi and Jeff has been instrumental in delivering a programme that has reinvigorated and refocussed this leadership team to take the next step as we plan for the “new normal”. Their considered and challenging approach built on a wealth of coaching and leadership experience has facilitated Primrose Hospice to look bravely but cautiously to the next stage of this journey, building on the best of the past but more aware of the opportunities of the future".

Primrose Hill CEO

During the two months of coaching with Simi, I was able to better identify professional goals and priorities. I was able to talk through my concerns as a leader and where I saw my need for improvement. I was able to come out of each session with tangible actions and the techniques Simi used really helped me to deliver those actions. Through these techniques I was able to make progress to move towards these goals, step by step and week by week. Simi’s way of working really worked for me as she is kind and caring and was really easy to talk to. I really looked forward to each week and after each session I felt energised and ready to become a better leader.  It has been a real joy to be coached by Simi and I can recommend her to leaders who are looking for professional coaching.

Jennifer Mulllin
Director of Communities, South Ribble Borough Council

Coaching with Simi has opened up new ways of thinking, improved my confidence, changed how I work and how I motivate my team. Simi’s style is informal but professional, behavioural/psychology-based which is very well suited to me.  She really takes on board my specific role and circumstances and offers solutions and approaches for my particular challenges.  It’s a modern approach which reflects the reality of how people function in current working environments. I would absolutely recommend Simi to anyone looking to develop their leadership skills,  A very knowledgeable and solutions focussed coach!

Chris John
Electoral Services Manager, London Borough of Lambeth

Everyone needs a coach like Simi! From our very first session I felt heard, understood, valued and encouraged. Simi connects very quickly and is able to make you feel at ease in a way that makes conversation and your time together incredibly valuable. With her insights and vast experience in the international corporate world, Simi is gifted at being able to assist in bringing clarity to a problem you are facing and assist by asking key questions and insights that navigate a way forward! Our time together has assisted me in being a better leader and manager. Thank you Simi!

Noddy Sharma
Head of Church Engagement, World Vision Australia

Simi is just a great coach. Engaging, always making me stop and think and look at things in a different way. Oh and patient? Blimey is she patient!

Chris Moister
Shared Director of Governance at South Ribble Borough Council and Chorley Borough Council

I’ve got the clarity and determination to navigate the most difficult and pivotal stage in my career thanks to Simi’s invaluable guidance. I’ve hired Simi as a business coach over a year ago, right as I stepped up to a leadership position in times of organizational change, uncertainty, and expectations being higher than ever. The new role and the challenges at hand started to take a big toll on my motivation, my wellbeing, and my health - I felt I couldn’t deal with the situation without help. I found in Simi a solid and knowledgeable partner to guide me in this difficult journey. Her empathy, listening, and her advice - skillfully tuned to the specifics of my situation - have been remarkable; many times I felt she’s been able to understand me as if she worked next to me on a daily basis! Her guidance really helped me to find a much clearer view of the path forward, but more importantly, induced a deeper personal transformation: to become more self-aware, centered, and confident in my own direction, and with this, grow into a much stronger leader. Right from the first few sessions, I saw a significant change in my frame of mind for the better; her continued advice helped me keep building on my strengths, and bring inspiration and positive change to my team and to others around me. I’m deeply grateful for Simi’s teachings, and I strongly recommend her as a very influential trusted advisor!

Jesus De Oliveira
Director of Project Management, MuleSoft, a Salesforce Company

Simi has been a business coach of mine over the last few months and has been extremely helpful with navigating through a number of challenging topics during this time. Simi has shared some very useful tools and techniques which will support me both personally and professionally. The energy and passion Simi brings to our sessions really is admirable and creates an environment that fosters an open conversation. I would definitely recommend Simi for business and leadership coaching

Division Commercial & Pricing Manager, Parker Hannifin

Entering into my first senior management position was one of the most exciting opportunities I could imagine however also the most daunting and at times lonely place to be. I was surrounded by people praising my refreshing outlook on work and my enthusiasm to drive services forward but my ‘Lizard Voice’ often provided me with doubt and anxiety.
The opportunity to receive coaching was a welcome one, after an initial session with Simi I felt hugely confident and reassured in her approach. I felt listened to, empowered and confident by Simi’s advice, insight and guidance to support me to reflect and consider what was working well and where there were opportunities for development and growth.
I enjoyed trying new strategies to deal with situations better that perhaps I found challenging and often worked with Simi as an independent person to discuss my thoughts and approach to tasks and management situations. Simi supported me to consider aspects of me that I felt I had lost due to starting to operate in a way I thought the organisation wanted me to rather than what made sense to me and portrayed the best parts of ‘me’.
I had moments of success to share with Simi and moments of despair but either way Simi was a huge support and inspiration to reassure me that I was human and there was nothing I couldn’t overcome by supporting me to find solutions and be confident in being able to be my best self.
I highly recommend Simi and what she has to bring to any individual or organisation, there is nothing that I brought to our discussions where she didn’t have insight and knowledge to share. I will always be grateful and I will certainly always have her number at hand to schedule a session as and when I may need it as I continue my journey in senior management…never stop learning.

Assistant Director (Preventative and Community Based Services)
Hartlepool Borough Council


“I’ve worked with a number of coaches throughout my corporate career, but what struck me with Simi, was her style of engaging with me, it’s empowering and infectious! She will challenge you and push your thinking, and it forces you to lean into discomfort, but it really works”

Creative Director

“I was referred to Simi in a deep time of need when dealing with a crisis of confidence and managing politics at work. Very quickly Simi helped me get a better understanding of the underlying issues and identify quick actions to make things immediately better. I have gone on to introduce other people to work with her based on my good experience”

Talent Director

I have had several coaching sessions with Simi and have found these sessions and our coaching relationship extremely beneficial. Simi has a very good business understanding, coupled with a high level of empathy that makes her understand very well the leaders she coaches.

Thomas Oth
Country Director Belgium, Luxemburg, Coca-Cola

 I have worked with Simi for over a year now an have found her approach and counsel to be thoughtful, informative and supporting. Working through both daily and macro/personal challenges has allowed me to overcome obstacles and focus on what is important to me in my professional life and career. The time i have spent with Simi has been very rewarding and i would recommend Simi to any leader that wants to achieve more in their work. 

Global General Manager

Simi always displayed great insight into the context of my role and the challenges faced. This meant she was able to put forward practical suggestions and creative ideas which I have already applied to great success. Thank you Simi for your guidance, wisdom and support.

Asim Khan
Director (Customer and Digital) Shared Services, Chorley Council

“Simi was an excellent presenter and we feel that colleagues will reflect on behaviours and attitudes going forwards”.

Charlotte Avery
St Mary’s School in Cambridge

Throughout my coaching experience with Simi I have felt championed and supported in my selected growth areas around delegation, influence and collaboration. Simi has an incredible depth of knowledge and insight which always left me challenged and equipped to articulate what type of leader I wanted to be! It was evident that there was a wealth of experience behind Simi and she genuinely cared, I walked away from most sessions with relevant tools and resources to assist me even further. I would highly recommend Simi to any emerging leader.

Judy Mann
PWC Manager

I have been lucky enough to be coached by Simi over a number of months as part of the Chorley and South Ribble Leadership Development Programme. I have really valued the sessions with Simi and the time we have spent discussing issues and my own personal development. Simi's input has been very thought provoking and enabled me to look at things from a completely different angle with proven immediate positive outcomes. I can highly recommend Simi for providing a breath of fresh air to coaching.

Jonathan Noad
Shared Director of Planning and Development at Chorley Borough Council and South Ribble Borough Council

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