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The story behind the name 'Wellbeing Face'

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

I often get asked the question: ‘What’s the story behind the name, Wellbeing Face?’ as it’s not two words one would commonly put together and associate with Psychological Coaching. Perhaps it is something to do with cosmetic surgery or dental enhancement you may ask? The name does leave people guessing or being curious, hopefully with the intention to find out more.

I founded Wellbeing Face during the eventful night-time waking’s of my then seven-month old baby. Yes, you are right, I was not one of those mums whose baby slept through the night, but instead was up countless times each night. As I fumbled my way through those long night feeds, I would often wonder how my then ‘mum’ life was such a contrast to what felt like a distant ‘professional life’.

During those sleepless nights, my mind would often wonder and keep me awake till the next feed. I would ponder ‘I wonder what my clients would think of me right now?’, and ‘how I would actually want them to perceive me as?’. My close family and friends say I had my epiphany of the business name at those moments, the very insane yet serene hours of the morning, 2.30am where I grabbed my laptop to register the name with Companies House. Having previously founded a thriving Psychology Counselling and Coaching practice in Melbourne, Australia, over eight years, ago which I later sold, I was super excited and driven to start a new adventure again.

I co-designed the logo with my creative sister in-law which comprised of a unique infinity symbol. I wanted the logo to represent the complexities and contrasts of psychological wellbeing. The continuous loop and flow between our inward/internal face, the one we see when we look into a mirror and the outward face representing the image we show to the world around us. The larger closed loop on the left side of the logo, represents the deep values, beliefs, experiences and perceptions we hold of ourselves. Whilst the smaller loop toward the right includes a silhouette of a face looking outwards. This represents how we present ourselves to the world and how we want others to perceive us. At the core of this dichotomy is the aim to achieve a place of psychological ‘Wellbeing’. A unique and individual balance, where we feel secure yet energised, as it enables us to perform effectively in our personal and professional lives. This theme of ‘reflections’ and ‘projections’ is also carried throughout the imagery used within the website, again representing our inner and outer perceptions.

Wellbeing Face is a Psychology Coaching and Counselling practice that helps high performing individuals dig deep into understanding themselves. This deep awareness enables individuals to take accountability for the complete face they see when they hold the mirror up close to themselves and the face they show to the world.

We are a team of Business Psychologists and the work we do is powerfully deep and transforming. It enables our clients to make truly lasting changes in not only their behaviours, but their perceptions and beliefs. The shifts in understanding and mind-set may be fractional but they can significantly enable individuals to attain their highest level of personal and professional effectiveness for themselves and for those around them.

To find out more about how we can work with you to achieve greater personal and professional effectiveness, feel free to book a complimentary 30-minute session by emailing us on:

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