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How can Executive Coaches and Business Psychologists support leaders in the here and now?

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Leaders need human support more than ever at this time and real time psychological executive coaching can help.

What is the reality for Leaders today?

As a leader you may be having to make difficult, critical and unplanned decisions about your staff, colleagues, friends, or business. Perhaps you are down sizing, reducing overheads, or finding alternative solutions for your workforce to remain in some form of employment. Simultaneously not knowing for certain if your own position is secure. The stress and pressure can feel overwhelming at times. The psychological impact of making decisions when so many factors are out of your control can limit your capacity to provide others with much needed reassurance.

Now is a good time to be talking to your Coach and using your Coach as a sounding board to assist you in assessing challenging and critical decisions. Who better to support you, than a trusted Coach who understands your values, drives and aspirations?

There is the added benefit of having a safe space and a confidential, non-judgemental listener with whom to share concerns, possible vulnerabilities and options. It is in this objective space that you can explore alternative strategies which may lighten any burden or stress that you may be experiencing. A dedicated coaching conversation could be the best place to get back in touch with the mental resolve needed to face difficult conversations with courage and compassion.

Tony Betts and I are both experienced Coaches and run successful Coaching practices working with Leaders globally.

If you would like a no charge 20 minute exploratory chat to experience first hand the potential benefits of coaching with either of us, please contact me at or Tony via www.artofnotdoing.

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