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Leadership Programmes & Workshops

  • What is Executive Leadership Coaching?
    Executive Leadership Coaching is a strategic 'people' investment which involves working one on one with your Psychology Coach to unpack, understand and become equipped with the right tools to propel you forward to achieve your goals. Your Psychology Coach will hold a safe space for you to share openly about what is on your mind (fears, concerns, experiences, strengths, achievements etc) and ask you the ‘right’ questions to elicit a deeper understanding. With accurate understanding, comes the power to make transformative change. Executive leadership Coaching will develop your leadership capability so that you can effectively deliver through others, influence and inspire, lead and navigate teams through change, foster increased levels of productivity, creativity and create a culture of engagement and wellbeing.
  • What benefits are gained from Executive Coaching?
    All leaders (ranging from emerging through to senior executives and board leaders) that are inspired to elevate their leadership impact, accelerate their careers and be the best leader they can be, will benefit from Transformative Coaching: We are proud to share the evidence based outcomes of effective Transformative Coaching: Organisational Outcomes includes: Improved work performance – 70% Improved business management – 61% Improved time management – 57% Improved team effectiveness – 51% Leader Outcomes includes: Improved self-confidence – 80% Improved relationships – 73% Improved communication skills – 72% Improved life/work balance – 67% Team Outcomes includes: Engaged teams Increased creativity Increased psychological safety Increased productivity and performance Enhanced decision making Increased wellbeing Increased talent retention Attractive employee value proposition Reduced absenteeism When organisations invest in supporting their leaders, leaders transform into ones that their staff love to work for and with. This is how the most effective orgnisations attract and retain the best talent. NPS Score: 10/10
  • How is the Coaching delivered?
    Each session is 60mins in duration and delivered virtually via Zoom or Teams.
  • What is the investment?
    Coaching Packages are available in six, twelve or eighteen session packages. How ready are you or your organisation to experience transformational change? Don’t wait. Book a priority call now to understand what will suit you or your organisation the best. Read what our clients say. Testimonials
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