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WellBeing Face

Our Values

Wellbeing Face is a team of highly experienced business psychologists. Our approach is

underpinned by rigour, well tested psychological insights, business management and neuroscience

research, combined with practical and commercial nous. We 'get' people and we 'get' business!

The benefits of this holistic and eclectic approach are multitude, allowing us to help you dig deep,

getting beneath the surface of your thoughts and behaviors to achieve lasting change and

leadership brilliance. 

Our toolkit of approaches include solution focused coaching, motivational interviewing, cognitive

behavioral coaching, clean language, appreciative enquiry, emotional intelligence and GROW

coaching. We use a selection of validated and reliable psychometric tools to add to the depth and

rigour of work we do with our clients. 

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Our Methods 

Wellbeing Face is an elite team of business psychologists and executive coaches with a wealth of experience applying academic insights to the corporate world. We use a combination of psychological insights, business management and neuro-scientific research to partner with clients who are looking to expand their leadership capabilities. What makes us different is our holistic approach to our clients’ career and development; we understand how people think and we understand how business works. We support our clients to connect the dots of their thoughts, their actions and their leadership style in order to get the best from themselves and their teams. 
Self-awareness is key to successful leadership, so our work is grounded in understanding what is holding you back in order to convert your limitations into platforms from which you can spring forward, achieving lasting change and leadership excellence. We use a range of validated psychometric tools and reliable methodologies in our work with clients and we take a structured and meticulous approach that deploys a broad toolkit

Solution-Focused Enquiry 

Motivational Interviewing

Cognitive Behavioral Coaching

Emotional Intelligence

Neuro-Linguistic Programming


Leader Self-Insight Questionnaires’

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Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire

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