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Meet the GumDrop Founders


Simi Rayat Psychologist & Facilitator

I am a certified Executive Leadership Coach, Chartered Business Psychologist, corporate speaker and podcast host. I was very fortunate to discover my passion and drive for personal and leadership development early in my career. I knew after my degree in Organisational Psychology in Nottingham, UK that I wanted to work with a broad range of people to empower and enable them to be the best possible leaders, to benefit themselves and everyone around them too. My work has taken me on a varied journey through the public and private sectors, from entrepreneurial start-ups and government departments to consulting for firms all over the world.​

I’ve worked on a freelance and employed basis as a senior manager, consultant, psychologist and coach. I have led large, high-performing teams and have felt the pressures first-hand of the highs and lows of delivering success through others. In 2011, I started my own private Psychology practice Minds for the Future in Melbourne which I built into a thriving business, building a team of eight psychologists across three sites in the city before profitably selling to new owners and returning to London, UK in 2016. Wellbeing Face was ‘born’ on a dark night in London, while I was in the haze of night feeds following the birth of my second son in 2017. I was at a crossroads professionally - like so many of my clients - and this quiet time of reflection re-ignited my passion and drive to help leaders all over the world to be able to bring their best and most authentic selves to their work.

I have worked very intentionally and deliberately for twenty years to be where I am now; working in partnership with clients globally with a common aim of growing themselves and  those around them and loving what they do that little bit more. I love my vocation; it never feels like ‘work’ to me and I’m inspired to facilitate this for others so they can take greater ownership in their work and life to lead at their optimal best.

Psychologist & Facilitator 

Lisa McLeod

Lisa Mcleod is a psychologist, family therapist, executive coach
and workplace trainer who has over 20 years broad clinical and
professional development experience working in private, 
government and non-government sectors.

Lisa has a particular interest in applying neuroscience and psychology to Operational Excellence and Wellbeing in the workplace. One of Lisa’s passions is to incorporate some of the latest research in the areas of positive psychology and neuroscience into making behaviour change realistic and sustainable.

In 2013, Lisa co-founded her second company On a Roll 21; an online enterprise based social wellbeing platform that builds upon productivity, happiness and engagement through a fun, research based digital game. This has since been adopted by organisations, sporting bodies and Universities, to increase performance and
workplace wellness, by aligning aims with action.

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