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Psychology Coaching Practice
Specialising in equipping Corporate Leaders to elevate
leadership impact to drive high performance & engagement. 

We partner with leaders to:

Cultivate Confidence & Leadership Capability

Deepen Self-Awareness 

Strengthen Personal Impact

Assess & Develop High Potential Talent

Achieve leadership brilliance in the following areas:

  • Self-Awareness – what opportunities would come your way, if you could clearly articulate the value your strengths bring to the organisation or team?

  • Resilience – do you wish you could enhance yours and other’s emotional capacity to deal with change and setbacks?

  • Embrace Your Inner Critic – what will you accomplish when you have overcome your limiting beliefs that have held you back for so long?

  • Stress and Burnout – are you setting yourself up to thrive, psychologically and physically? How can you structure your approach to leadership to enable your wellbeing to be prioritised?

Personal Impact
  • Impression Management– could you make a better impression on your clients and your team?

  • Having a Voice – what is holding you back from sharing your ideas, views and thoughts?

  • Imposter Syndrome – are doubts and feelings of unworthiness, your age, gender or lack of experience effecting your impact?

  • Personal brand - how are you proactively managing your personal brand?

Leadership Capability 
  • Strategic Thinking – are you able to critically spot trends and patterns as effectively as you would like?

  • Team Leadership – are you driving and empowering your team as best as you could ?

  • Intentional Leadership could you be more planned, deliberate and conscious in your leadership style?

  • Leading through Change – are you providing others with the direction, communication and reassurance they need through change?

  • Stakeholder Management – are you impressing and building lasting relationships with all your stakeholders in the best way?

  • Resourcefulness – are you identifying and tapping into resources that will support your journey to grow and learn?

  • Influencing Others - would you like to develop your effectiveness in influencing and persuading others?

  • Career Development - would you like to learn to be the effective navigator of your career?

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